A company's reputation for integrity is its most valuable asset and is directly related to the conduct of its officers and other employees. Therefore, employees must never use their positions with the company, or any of its collaborators, for private gain, to advance personal interests or to obtain favors or benefits for themselves, members of their families or any other individuals, corporations or business entities.

The company adheres to the highest legal and ethical standards applicable to our business. The company's business is conducted in strict observance of both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and the integrity of each employee is of utmost importance.

Employees of the company shall conduct their personal affairs such that their duties and responsibilities to the company are not jeopardized and/or legal questions do not arise with respect to their association or work with the company.

All PHS funded research will be conducted in full compliance with the regulations described in 45 CFR Part 94 requiring written disclosure of any financial conflict of interest and on-going training related to financial conflicts of interest no-less than once every four years. Action will be taken to reduce, eliminate, and manage any conflict of interest and reasonable steps will be taken in response to any violation.